Sintex Sewage Treatment Plant

NAVYAA WATERTECH SOLUTIONS , provides the best solution to treat sewage water through Sintex sewage treatment plants based on anaerobic and aerobic process and designed for efficient treatment of domestic wastewater from toilets

Sintex Septic Tanks

Sintex Septic tanks are available for anerobic treatment of Sewage water. These tanks are compact which can be used in a decentralised manner anywhere from medium to large residential projects and commercial complex.

Sintex Bio Gas Plant

Sintex Biogas plants, supplied by Navyaa Watertech Solutions , has contributed locally towards the reduced use of firewood for cooking and other activities, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Rain water Harvesting

Navyaa Watertech Solutions offers a unique clog free Advanced Water harvesting and recharging systems. In line with our innovative track record, we are now pleased to introduce a system that enables the users to collect rainwater properly and use it judiciously for securing supply of potable quality of drinking water round the year.

FRP Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

Navyaa Watertech Solutions offers clients a wide gamut of FRP underground petroleum storage tanks, duly approved by Government of India, Department of Explosives, Nagpur.

UPVC Windows

Today, Sintex is the backbone of construction sector. It has ushered in a new Style of living through its tradition of innovation and by offering wide range of Products