Rain water Harvesting

Navyaa Watertech Solutions offers a unique clog free Advanced Water harvesting and recharging systems. We all are very well aware that water is getting scarce day by day. Drinking water availability and quality are a cause of concern for all the policy makers. We are also aware the rain water can provide solution in many situations. Conventionally most of the rain water harvesting systems that have been installed in our country are for recharging of ground water.

In line with our innovative track record, we are now pleased to introduce a system that enables the users to collect rainwater properly and use it judiciously for securing supply of potable quality of drinking water round the year. In evolving a proper system , we have included proper filters on the collection side and UV water purifier on the supply side. Sintex systems are ideal for use in homes , offices ,schools, hospitals etc wherever rooftop catchment area is available. If properly installed , Sintex systems are sure to deliver excellent quality drinking water round the year , also recharging the earth water level.

Uses of Sintex rain Water harvesting systems.

  • Store water and use for Drinking.
  • Recharging earth water level.

Rain water harvesting system for drinking water

Sintex offers complete solution to harvest the most valued resource of the nature. It is the only solution to meet the ever increasing demand of water in our country with the population more than 1.2 Billion people. Rainwater harvesting system is the system which includes collection, filtration, and storage of Rainwater. Rainwater received on flat or tapered roof collected and transferred through down pipe to the first flush system where it flushes the impurities come along with the rainwater during initial 2-3 rain. After initial rain it redirect the water to the rainwater storage tank through rainwater filter which filter the rainwater and removes the impurities up to 100 microns. The filter keeps out all dissolved physical impurities like sand , silt, leaves, pebbles etc. from rain water harvesting system. The filter is extremely easy to clean. Finally filtered water stored in the Sintex Rainwater storage tank which remains under ground. Rainwater stored inside the storage tank can be used throughout the year.

System Operations

  • 1. Clean rooftop catchment area for rainwater thoroughly before monsoon or rainy season.
  • 2. Flush out first monsoon or first rain using sintex first flush system.
  • 3. Redirect second rainwater through Sintex Gravity Filter to Sintex Underground storage tank using first flush system.
  • 4. Redirect excess rainwater and underground tank overflow to earth recharging pit.
  • 5. Use hand pump or water pump along with UV water purifier to get high quality drinking water on delivery side.

Range of rain water storage tanks

System Code
Capacity ( ltrs)

Rain water harvesting system for recharging earth

Sintex offers a unique clog free Advanced Rainwater Recharging System ( ARRS) that is easy to install, require little or no maintenance over decades of use and is cost effective.

ARRS have been evolved after many years of research and development and consists of plastic modules that can be put together in a proprietary membrane structure so as to get required recharging capacity. ARRS system is perfectly suitable for individual houses, buildings , townships, shops , malls , factories or literally everywhere you need to have a recharging system.

Description of the system

ARRS main structure has plastic moulds with 95% void ratio, made from special plastic , which can be easily assembled at site and can be placed next to each other for enhancement of volume. Plastic modules are wrapped in porous polymeric or fabric for efficient drainage of water through its walls. The pore size of fabric is smaller than that of finest of sand which keeps impurities like sand outside of the structure while permitting seepage of water into soil for years. It is through this special design and construction that ARRS does not require maintenance for many years as against traditional systems, that need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Unique features

  • 1.95% void ratio
  • 2. India’s first ever clog free modular design
  • 3. Widely used in USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia.
  • 4. Comes with specially designed fabric to allow recharging at rapid pace.
  • 5. No periodic maintenance required.
  • 6. Specially designed to prevent ingress of surrounding soil inside the system.
  • 7. Easy to install.
  • 8. Can be relocated due to its modular structure.


Product Code
No. of Modules
Volume of recharging
Foot Print Area
4.25 sq. mtr.
4.25 sq. mtr.
7.25 sq mtr
8.50 sq mtr